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Power is Niko's first album - a 10 year journey of self-discovery through music creation, collaboration, trust and vulnerability. Power is his celebration of life and the invitation to all those he contacts to join the party.

Driven by the human urge for self expression, Niko shares the major lessons learned and wisdom along his path.

Enjoy and feel free to share.


released October 28, 2013

All songs were composed, written, mixed, and produced by Niko Sofianos for Spartan Productions.
All guitars were performed by guitarist extraordinaire, Mike Rugg.
Feature artists include:
L.S.D., Marcos Mendosa (of A.D.D.), Early Burrow, Grimm Greyes and Carla Sacco.
Background Vocals on POWER & BE THE CHANGE performed by Nick Kusiba.



all rights reserved


NIKO Toronto, Ontario

Niko is the definition of a SpARTist - he is a multi-talented artist and force to be reckoned with. After travelling the world as a Canadian ambassador and professional fitness model, Niko founded FIT HOP - a program that fuses Hiphop, gymnastics, and yoga. He writes and produces his music from scratch and lives to inspire others to awaken their own SpARTist within. ... more

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Track Name: Niko - Power
"The entire universe is the divine orchestration of one force.
It has no limits, no boundaries,
Just one purpose, to evolve" -Niko

I got power, so much of it
So beautiful, so infinite
I got power, so much of it
So beautiful, cuz it comes from within

Verse 1:
I got power every minute every hour
I got power every second every day
I got power cuz I’m living my life
I got power living it my way
I got power cuz I’m playing my part
I got power spittin’ it from the heart
I got power cuz I’m walking my path
I got power its written in the math

I'm ready to fly, I’m ready to soar
It’s time to rise, time to explore
Are you ready to fly, are you ready to soar
We got to rise and be something more


Verse 2:
I got everything I need to achieve what I believe
As long as I can breathe, cuz I plant the seed
A long time ago, nurtured it so it could grow
You reap what you sow and that’s a fact, now I know
Cuz I been humbled, about a decade ago
From Nicholas to Nick, straight up to NIKO
Even my name has evolved for the sake of evolution
Created FIT HOP, so I can make a contribution.
Track Name: Niko feat Indigo Prophet & Grimm Greyes - Be The Change
Be the change, you wanna see
Be the change, and you can be free
Be the change, believe
Be the change, create your own destiny

Verse 1: NIKO
Be the change, you wanna see
Be that fire, to inspire, take it higher
Be the change, you wanna see, oooooo
And shine your inner light
Be the change, you wanna see,
And watch everybody come out and be free
Cuz that’s how we come together, help each other
So we get better

Ghandi said it
Be the change
Don’t complain
Feed your brain
It’s a new day
Were living in a new way
Say what you got to say
I felt I was left astray
But now back on track on my way
Break the chains be the change
Its starts with me
There is nobody else
Every little act can affect the rest
Put it to the test
Do my best
Express myself
Accept myself
Be the change
Take us higher
Were building an empire
Soldiers of love get ready to fire
One man can do it
Ghandi knew it
Took out a whole army
Without firing a bullet

The time has come…to be the change
Don’t give away your power…take hold of the reigns
The futures in your hands…through choices you make
Block out the voice of white noise in your brain
Remove all thoughts, ideas and beliefs
Anything which makes the insanity repeat
Release old emotions…pure devotion
Keep the wick lit till the tick, tick explosion
Life is for you… never to blame
You have all the tools…so whys it the same
Stop denying what’s yours to claim
Live life to the fullest…full warp, engage!

Bridge: NIKO
Everybody really wanna see the change
But nobody really wanna be the change
So I think it’s time that we rearrange
Go against the grain and break these chains

It starts with you, everything you do
It starts with you, every day you wake
It starts with you, every choice you make,
In every word you say, every breath you take
Track Name: Niko, Marcos Mendosa - I Wanna Know
I wanna know, we can’t all get along
I wanna know, why am I signing this song, yo?
I wanna know, is it just me that feels I’m free from all this negativity, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me…
Just don’t fight me

Verse 1: NIKO
I wanna know why, we can’t all just get along
Surrounded everywhere I go with this darkness
So I decided to spark this
And shine some light, I know I can light
A million candle lights, tonight

I wanna know, we can’t all get along
I wanna know, why am I signing this song, yo?
I wanna know, is it just me that feels I’m free from all this negativity, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me…
Just don’t fight me

Verse 2: MARCO
It's like the worlds been manipulated brainwashed and tricked And now there's no direction no way to think
Being a genius is something that they'll take you to shrink for What u think I rap for So I can push an accord?
You see the problem is people they be living in fear Its False evidence appearing real Unlike others I know exactly what I'm gonna be So I spread the word The way they spread the disease

So you know
I'm not alone
There's millions like me
A massive evolution of humanity
Who want the same things
You wouldn't believe it if you saw it
So I recommend you live it
Yeah instead of being a loser
Start believing your a winner
Imma keep on being a giver
I pay no mind to all the sinners

All I can suggest is you strive to the be the best And when you doubt on yourself don't accept nothing less

Verse 3: NIKO
Ok, I wanna know why everybody walkin’ around
Like they don’t realize what’s really goin’ down
Can’t we all just see that we gotta get along
Can’t we all just see that there ain’t nothing wrong
With the fact that we all just a lil bit different
cuz deep inside man, there’s no difference
Let’s take a step back for a second, cuz I wreckin’
You ask yourself that question

Verse 4:

Yo, If u really wanna know
Why the worlds so cold
Then think about the causes and effects
All the problems and events
Peoples problems are intense
People losing common sense
Yo, It's like we stuck behind a fence
Whatever is prohibited is often most desired Why u think that politicians are often known as liars.
I can say do go be whatever I want
And Im not afraid to fight verbally for my rights Freedom fighters do exist From all across the globe From the cities where's there's beaches to the countries that have snow And I can guarantee you that the energy flow Is about to manifest into powerful whoa!
I wanna know
Just a little bit more
Track Name: Niko feat Indigo Prophet & Early Burrow - Shine My Light
At times of darkness, all I need to do is shine my light
And shine it bright
(Shine my light, and shine it bright, shine my light, I got the right)
At times of darkness, all I need to do is shine my light
And do it right
(Shine my light, and shine it bright, shine my light, and do what’s right)

Verse 1: NIKO
Repetition after repetition
It’s the mission I’ve been given from above
Cuz they recognize the love
That I got inside my heart
I had it from the start
I’m doing all I can
I’m trying to play my part

Verse 2: Early Burrow
Im in a corner feelin boxed in when I step in a room
People watch him,and they be talkin,but couldn’t stop him
Cuz im a spartan. And I’ll stomp u so jus stop it.
They eyes get glued like kids,like kids viewing cartoons
But im ahead of da class no need to argue.
Always placed in situations when they be hating
take a deep breath
Remain calm and I stay paitent
Like dat bus ride from finch station.
We get youth involved in hopes they all make it
Took hip hop to fit hop, got them motivated
Jump kicks and bright faces.
Its all basic
kids imbrace it
instead of late nights with
Do it for the biz, I do it for the kids,and every single mother
With zero in the fridge.all the brthers in the bin
If you hustling to live just to live just shine your light!

Verse 3: LSD

I write from the heart
Right from the start
light caused a spark
bright in the dark
ill play my part
domino effect
rosa parks
don’t sit back fo the bus
gods backing us up
darks making us weak
I think were so strong
Were did we go wrong
And fights just ping pong
React like king kong
Use my magic wand
To end all wars
Defender of all
Defenseless and small
A brick in the wall
Leave those kids alone
The time has come to
Do all we can do
Just god me and you
Is all that it takes
To make it be clear
The end is so near
Of living in fear
I do shed a tear
For those that cant feel
That love is so real
Cant keep it concealed
The truth gets revealed
Track Name: Niko - All We Need Is Change
I ain’t got no money, all I got is game
Everybody’s fronting, when deep inside we’re all the same
The world is growing empty, and we’re the ones to blame
All they want is money…but all we need is change

Looking in my pocket, and all I find is change
But that’s all I need, is to change my mind frame
Change the way that I think, change the way that I live
Change the way I perceive everything that is happening

People fighting people, just to make some gain
Burning up the planet, like we going insane
All I see around me, doesn’t make much sense
Where has all the love gone, I guess it’s been spent


Locked within a mind field, towers hide the sky
Chasing that dollar, we’ve climbed too high
Whole world’s on credit and the bill’s due
Who’s gonna pay the price, it’s me and you!

99 percent are angry, but too scared to lose
To numb to see the difference between the lies and truth
All that we have worked for, what about the kids?
We can’t live on a planet un-fit for us to live…
I’m trying to play my part, but it’s hard for me to give
Nobody sees the value of being creative
But each of us can play a part, each of us can change
Living from the heart, we move beyond the pain
Track Name: Niko - Music Is My Therapy
Music is my therapy, therapy, therapy
Music is my therapy, always taking care of me

Music is my medication, sedation, and meditation
For spiritual elevation and salvation
Or at the very least a vacation
The vibration is the foundation
Of every celebration and little occasion
Musical creation is my healing
Feeling the vibe from the floor to the ceiling

When I'm in need to be set free
From all the pain in me, it's agony
Everything seems so bleak, and my body's weak
There's one thing that I've learned
Only one place to turn....

Alright, yo let me set the mood
What comes next after sex & food
Yo music, that’s my girl on the side
The melody & rhythm and a beat to ride
Like the ebb and the flow of the tide of the sea
Releasing all the stress inside of me
Music is my therapy
Track Name: Niko - Soul Vacation
Verse 1
She's my inspiration
With a wild imagination
She's in my creation
And with me in meditation

Pre Chorus
She never lets me down
Makes me wear my crown
Takes me to another place, where I hear the sound
She makes me sing..

Om nama shivaya, vaya, vaya
Om nama shivaya, come back to the sky

Post Chorus
And I'm like yeah, I'm coming back
To take this track to the galactic centre
I think it's time for another adventure
A new dimension, I enter.

Verse 2
She's my medication
Takes me on a soul vacation
Shows me pure appreciation
And makes life a celebration

Pre Chorus
She never lets me down
Makes me wear my crown
Takes me to another place, where I hear the sound
Or takes me right through space & time
She makes me sing.

Om nama shivaya, vaya, vaya
Om nama shivaya, come back to the skya
Let me take you higher
Track Name: Niko - The Message
out of nothing, comes something
that is the power of the creator
and the gift, of the creator to us
through our creativity, father has given all of us
the ability to express ourselves
through his eyes all unified
like instruments of one song, we're all here to play along,
becuase we all belong
and this is what music shows us
this is what music makes us feel
cause it's just so real
so infinite, you can do anything with it
you can describe feelings that words can never even begin to describe
you can transcend emotions from fear instantly into love
from pain to victory
unconditional love, is the harmony that flows from above
through each and everyone of us
because we're just vessels
and when we open our hearts
with vulnerability and trust
when we surrender to the highest order,
the highest greatest good
then we become the tools in gods tool box
we are empowered with gods power
and its a beautiful feeling to just sing at the top of your lungs
the feeling, so healing
so healing, so healing
music is my therapy, my therapy
always taking care of me, care of me
amen, namaste, namaste kala, ya pada
thank you
Track Name: Niko feat Carla Sacco - One Day
One day I will be with you
But all this time I’ve been with you

Verse 1: NIKO
All of my life, through days and through nights
You always were there, right by my side
Answered my cries, heard all my lies
You helped me to see, through my disguise
But why is it that, sometimes I feel like I’m alone
Here on my own, I don’t know but all I hope is the one day...
One day, one day…


Verse 2: Carla Sacco
I feel you in me, we hold the key
I hear your voice, real in my dreams
Kissing your soul, making you whole
Loving right now, feeling your flow
Why you can’t know, so you let go
Go with my flow, to reap what you sow
Release what you hold, stay in control
And your story will be told…