The Movement

by Niko f. Tyanna Nikita

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Full feature title mix


This is the movement x3
Welcome to the revolution
This is the movement x3
You gotta make a contribution
This is the movement x3
So what u doin’ wit ur life kid?
This is the movement x3
This is the movement

Verse 1:
This is the movement for self improvement
We livin' to the fullest man, what you doin?
This is life, your chance for evolution
So choose a path, and make your contribution
The information age has freed us from this cage
of ignorance and hate, the whole world's a stage
You don't need to chase what's in front of your face
It's in the palm of your hands, just learn the dance

Verse 2:

It's been a long time coming, but really that's irrelevant
Cuz time is an illusion when you've mastered all the elements
For self development, and self control,
Aligned your body with your mind to free your soul
there are no words to describe the power you behold
every step and every breath is a miracle
realize your body is a temple
open your eyes and set your own tempo
be an example, a candle to the rest
practice Bushido, life in every breath
Its the way of the samurai
the way of the best
Or the way of the Spartan
If you're look to the west
Doesn't matter the perspective stay connected and accept that
it's your duty to shine to and to align with the collective
consciousness, cuz that's what this is
an expression and a blessing for the fact that you exist


released May 20, 2016
Written by Niko Sofianos
Produced by Spartan Productions
Female Vox: Tyanna Nikita
Guitar Solo: Mike Ruggiero



all rights reserved


NIKO Toronto, Ontario

Niko is the definition of a SpARTist - he is a multi-talented artist and force to be reckoned with. After travelling the world as a Canadian ambassador and professional fitness model, Niko founded FIT HOP - a program that fuses Hiphop, gymnastics, and yoga. He writes and produces his music from scratch and lives to inspire others to awaken their own SpARTist within. ... more

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